Thursday, August 12, 2010

CampusDoor and Collegiate Funding Solutions Announce Business Partnership- 8/12/2010

Carlisle, PA (August 12, 2010) - Education finance technology provider CampusDoor has partnered with Collegiate Funding Solutions (CFS), a leading provider of web-based college funding solutions for professionals and financial services institutions.

CampusDoor helps lenders offer education finance products to their customers. Damien Elias, Chairman and CEO of CampusDoor said of his company, "CampusDoor provides innovative student loan solutions, systems and processing to lenders enabling them to help their customers pay for college. We understand the education finance marketplace, and leverage our knowledge and technology to help our clients achieve their goals."

CFS helps credit union members and bank customers reduce out-of-pocket college costs. Customized college planning and funding reports are dynamically generated through a branded online interface from the financial institution's website. The customized reports contain actionable information, strategies and tips to help the family make informed college planning and funding decisions.

CampusDoor and CFS will offer an integrated package to credit unions and banks interested in offering both programs.

"The CFS program is an excellent complement to our current suite of products and services and will help us better serve our financial institution clients and their customers," said Elias.

"Financial institutions tell us that in order to grow they need to boost loan volume and members. The CFS/CampusDoor integrated solution helps them achieve both goals," said Roger Lorelle, president of Collegiate Funding Solutions. "CFS and CampusDoor offer very complementary services. CFS helps families reduce the cost of college and CampusDoor helps them fund college."

Financial institutions looking to offer one of CampusDoor's education finance products and the Collegiate Funding Solutions product can integrate both into their Web sites.

A highlight of the CFS generated reports is that it provides much needed context and rationale for college savings and funding options available through the institution. This helps the families choose the option that meets their needs and circumstances. The customized report content also highlights the lending products available through the institution, including the CampusDoor originated private student loan with links directly into online loan applications.

Elias believes that the CFS/CampusDoor relationship can create additional opportunities for financial institution clients to provide a broader range of financial services and counseling to their clients with college bound children.

"We provide complete loan origination solutions for our clients, but we also draw on our 15 years of experience in education finance to counsel them on the development of their product strategies and how to bring their products to the marketplace." Elias said. "The CFS product will allow us to help our clients offer additional services to their customers and ensure that their customers properly plan for their education and the costs associated with it."

About Campus Door

CampusDoor broadcasts their new mantra proudly: Understand, Innovate, Achieve. The company, with 15 years of private student loan experience understands the student loan financial marketplace by creating an individualized experience via an innovative online loan process, and finally, working hand in hand with students and lenders, CampusDoor helps students achieve their dreams. or call 717-249-8800

About Collegiate Funding Solutions

Collegiate Funding Solutions (CFS) is a leading provider of innovative and integrated web-based college funding solutions and college planning software for financial institutions and financial services professionals. For additional information on Collegiate Funding Solutions, visit the company's Website at or call 919-469-1996

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